March 20 – 26 is National Poison Prevention Week

The snow is starting to melt and many of us are starting to think about that yearly ritual called “Spring Cleaning”. While some of the safety precautions you will see on this attached list appear to be common sense, we need to be aware that our children may not know about most of these topics.

Please take a few minutes to review this list and see if you need to address the chemicals found under your sink (or in the garage). Children are always curious and might do unexpected things with these household chemicals. Also, outdated chemicals need proper attention when disposing. Never put these chemicals in the trash or down the drain. Your local waste management authority will have information to help you get rid of these products.

  1. Never mix household and chemical products together; this may create a poisonous gas.
  2. Read the labels of household and chemical products before you use them.
  3. Follow safety recommendations when using household cleaning products or other chemicals, such as wearing gloves, long sleeves and masks.
  4. Properly ventilate the area when using household cleaning products or other chemical products. Turn on the fan and open the windows.
  5. Don’t leave chemical products unattended. If you must leave the room in the middle of a task, either put the product away or take it with you.
  6. Properly mark and store under lock and key all household and pool chemicals, paints and poisons. Keep these on a high shelf, out of children’s reach.
  7. Store household products in original containers and never put cleaning solutions in food containers.
  8. Dispose of household and chemical products that are leaking, expired or that look bad.
  9. Know how to properly dispose of chemical products. Never put them in the trash or pour them down the drain. If you don’t know how to dispose of the products, contact your local waste management authority.
  10. Post the poison control center number near every phone. In the US, it’s 1-800-222-1222.

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